Break Out Your Crayons!

18 Sep

Break Out Your Crayons!

I am a huge fan of coloring! It’s one of those things that can immediately shift my focus, allow me to be a little creative without taking too much time. Some days I like crayons, some days markers, most recently I’ve been a little obsessed with colored pencils. Do you remember that feeling when you got a new box of crayons, all lined up and ready to go? When is the last time you bought crayons? Or in my case, colored pencils? This is an easy, cheap, portable, low-skill creative way to take care of you!

One of the biggest benefits of coloring is that it helps us relax. And when we relax, amazing things happen! Relaxing helps lower blood pressure, lessen anxiety, reduce tension headaches, and relieve digestive upsets. When we concentrate attention on a particular section of a picture or center of a circle, we organically take less notice of what is happening outside that section or circle. This process produces a general sense of relaxation in their body in the form of deeper breaths and a slower heartbeat. These physiological changes release the body’s natural healing processes, and this is what meditation is all about.

There are so many great sites that have free, downloadable coloring pages. Here are a few of the ones I visit regularly:

At the VIP Center, I always keep a binder of coloring pages on hand. If you’re on campus and want to stop by, we can set you up with plenty to get started. Take some time to bring color into your world!

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